A Folded IRC Can Enhance Your Business

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For any business, the goal is generally to drive more customers into the door, and ultimately, to boost sales. However, sometimes, a great product or service is not always enough to be successful in this endeavor. You need to do more by way of an incentive. An IRC, or an instant redeemable coupon, is an excellent way to go about this process; learn why.

Traffic Incentive

Location, budget concerns, and plenty of other factors can commonly keep a customer away. The great thing about a folded IRC is that it gives the customer a reason to come into your business. 

For example, maybe the IRC is for a buy one get one free offer. The customer may not have had an intention to purchase your product anytime soon, but because of the deal, they decided to come inside. Not only will you make a sale from the coupon, but the customer may pick up other items. Whatever the case, an IRC brings people inside. 

Easier to Manage

A unique thing about an IRC is the fact that they are easy to attach to your products. Generally, the company that prepares these coupons will apply an adhesive solution to the rear side of the coupon. To attach the coupon, you simply remove the protective covering and press the coupon onto the product. 

The entire process is fast and can easily be completed by staff in a matter of moments depending on the number of products you plan to attach the coupons to.


Marketing campaigns are not cheap. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into them, which can be costly. An IRC can provide many of the same benefits of a marketing campaign, but for a fraction of the cost.

Given the size of the labels, they are often easy to generate, which can help keep their cost manageable. Remember, the lower your investment, the more you can earn from the sales. 

Bring These Benefits to Your Business

Bring these benefits to your business with a professional printing service. Once you know what type of details you want to include on the coupon — the printing service does the rest. From the design process to the folding process, the printing company completes the coupon so that all you have to do is affix them to your product. 

An instant redeemable coupon can help boost sales for your business, and a professional printing company can help you get there.