5 Tips For Designing An Effective Brochure

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Designing an effective and engaging brochure is about more than just throwing the information together: designing an effective brochure is an art form. Here are a few tips you can use to design the most effective brochure.

#1 Know Your Printing Budget

First, before getting deep into the design process, you need to make sure you understand your printing budget. Your printing budget is important because it impacts the design elements. Your printing budget will impact the size of the brochure, the amount of color you can add to your brochure, and the quality of paper you can use. As you design your brochure, you need to keep your budget in mind.

#2 Know Your Audience

Next, you need to know who you are targeting with your brochure. Are you trying to read new customers? Are you trying to share information with businesses that you want to work with? Is the purpose of the brochure to inform or to create a sale?

Knowing who your targets are for the brochure and what you want them to get from it will help you determine what information to include and what to keep out.

#3 Keep Things Concise

With a brochure, you only have so much space. This is not a book; you have a limited amount of room. All the headings should include the most relevant information you want to convey. You can also use stylistic elements to make important information stand out, such as pulling out quotes or highlighting different parts of the text to draw attention to specific information. You want to include only the most important information on the brochure.

#4 Use High-Quality Pictures

Pictures are a great way to convey information with your brochure. When you add pictures to your brochure, make sure you use high-quality pictures. If you lose low-quality pictures, the images will not have the crisp look you want them to have when the brochure is printed out.

This is true for all images in your brochure, such as logo, icons, images, and typefaces. The higher the resolution, the better the image is going to look.

#5 Include a Call to Action

You need to be clear about the purpose of your brochure. One of the best ways to be clear is to include a call to action that tells the reader of the brochure what to do. You want to make sure that they know who to call or what to do in order to take action on the information presented.

When creating a brochure, make sure you know your budget. Keep the information concise and use high-quality images. Be sure to include a call to action and know what you want to get out of the brochure.

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