The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Screen Printing T-Shirts

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Do you need to create a large batch of custom t-shirts for upcoming events? If so, you may be wondering if screen printing will be the best option for this type of job. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using screen printing to create your custom design for everyone to wear.

Advantages of Screen Printing

Screen printing is known for being a technique that is very durable and versatile since it can be used on a wide range of different surfaces. Not only can you use screen printing on fabric, but it can also be used on metal, glass, and plastic. If you have a use for the design to be used on another type of object, such as a banner, it may be helpful to work with a shop that can use screen printing to cut down on the amount of work done. 

Screen printing is also capable of producing colors that are bold and vibrant. You can use specialty inks that are fluorescent and really make the print stand out on a t-shirt. Ink can then be layered to create a vivid and rich design.

If you have a very large order, know that screen printing is a cost-effective way to make a lot of t-shirts. This is due to it taking a bit of time to set up the screen to create the print, but the process afterward is incredibly efficient and quick. The screen is pressed down on the t-shirt and the ink is spread across the surface, instantly imprinting the design. It makes screen printing the technique of choice for those bulk orders. 

Disadvantages of Screen Printing

Know that there is a setup cost involved with screen printing, which is due to the time and physical materials used to set up the screen. A negative image is essentially burned into a screen so that ink does not pass through the covered areas, which takes a lot of skill to get the image perfect. Any imperfections on the screen will be reflected in the quality of the print.

Screen printing can be limited when it comes to color blending. This is due to how each color is printed on its own in layers. This can make it quite challenging if you want to make a very complex design, and cannot be used to recreate full-color photos. Screen printing is best used for vector artwork that uses solid colors instead of gradients. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for printing services that can handle various projects, such as polyester long sleeve t-shirt screen printing services.