How To Make An Attention-Getting Flyer

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Flyer printing requires more than having a general idea of what you want to tell your target audience. People have to see a message and find it to be engaging. If you're preparing to work with a flyer printing services provider such as Debbie's Copy Shop, you can use these four tips to create attention-getting products.

Simple and Strong Color Choices

Visual noise tends to lose a viewer's attention quickly. People don't want to expend their mental energy processing a complex image or set of words, especially if they didn't ask for the information in the first place.

A flyer has to make good use of a relatively limited color palette to avoid being noisy. Try to build your flyer around one or two key colors, even if you need to have photographic quality for imagery. Likewise, use strong colors to convey value. Red is always a winner, and orange or dark blue can work when red might be a bit too strong. Use large blocks of your preferred color to make the visual impact sink in.

Clean Typography

In a world with endless font choices, the right approach is to keep your typography simple and readable. Again, people don't give flyers tons of their time, even when requested.

Use fonts that are clear and simple. Avoid script or comic fonts, regardless of how much you might want to convey a mood. If you need to develop a mood with flyer printing, use image, color, or layout choices to do it.

Particularly if you're going to leave flyers in public places, main typography will typically need to be around at least one inch of height for every 10 feet the viewer will stand away from it. Employ few words in these areas of big texts so people can quickly discern what your message is.


Make sure you know the sizes of any spaces that will carry your flyers. If you're sending them by mail, for example, ask the post office for a rate and size sheet so you can compare your ideas to the available options. The same logic applies if you plan to leave flyers at your town's chamber of commerce, airport, or visitor center. You don't want your items to look crushed or crammed so plan your flyer printing efforts accordingly.


Some flyers are highly expendable, and you can print them on relatively cheap paper. Others will have to survive transport by third parties, such as the post office. Ask your flyer printing services provider how heavy the paper will need to be for your preferred application.