Special Touches To Try When Sending Birthday Cards To Members Of Your Sorority

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If you'd like to spread some birthday cheer to the members of your sorority throughout the year, then you may want to send birthday cards out to the other members of your chapter. This is a great idea, and you can even add a few special touches to make it even more special. For example, you can try some or all of these touches when sending out cards.

Order Birthday Cards With Your Sorority's Seal

Although you can certainly send out "regular" birthday cards to the others who are involved in your sorority chapter, it's not a bad idea to order birthday cards with your sorority's seal. You can look for premade birthday cards that are designed for your sorority, or you can place an order for custom sorority birthday cards if you'd like them to have a special and unique look.

Use Attractive Envelopes

You shouldn't just focus on purchasing nice-looking birthday cards; you should consider the envelopes that they come in, too. If you're placing an order for custom sorority birthday cards, you may have the option to personalize the envelopes, too. Alternatively, you could draw on the envelopes or add stickers to them to dress them up a little bit.

Add Stickers or Other Sorority "Swag"

You don't have to buy a big and expensive gift for all of the members of your sorority when you send them cards for their birthdays. However, you might want to tuck a little something in with their card that they will appreciate. Ordering stickers or decals with your sorority's seal or slogan is a good idea. You can buy them in bulk and tuck them in with birthday cards that you send out; you shouldn't have to spend a lot of money, but the extra gift is sure to make the card even more special. You can even look into ordering small items like keychains, pencils, or pins with your sorority's seal on them. If you're going to be mailing the cards out, though, just make sure that you are mindful of weight limits and restrictions on what you put in the mail.

Use the Right Stamps

If you're going to be mailing your sorority birthday cards in the mail, then you're going to need to have stamps. You can often purchase fun birthday stamps or other themed stamps for the same price as more traditional stamps, and you may want to do this to add something a little special to the cards. Look for Delta Sigma Theta birthday cards from places like Quality Digital Creations Inc. to find cards for all of your sorority sisters.