Use A Corporate Printing Service For These COVID-Related Jobs

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A corporate printing service can be an ally for your company when you need business cards and other similar printed items, but it's important to think about the many print jobs that you may wish to pursue in the COVID-19 age. Lots of corporate printing companies can produce a wide range of products that are especially relevant today, so it's a good idea to think about what printed products you may need and then discuss them with your company. Here are some COVID-related print jobs that you may wish to explore.


Lots of companies use posters to convey important COVID-related information to their customers and even their staff. There are all sorts of posters that may be relevant to your business, depending on your line of work. If you've been closed for an extended period of time due to the pandemic, large posters that announce that you've re-opened can be valuable for placing in your front windows. Lots of companies have put strict COVID-related protocols in place for those who visit their buildings. If you have a number of guidelines that you want people to follow, having them appear on a poster that you can hang near the door of your business is a good idea.


While you might immediately think of printing companies printing on paper products, the reality is that many of these companies can also print on fabric. Another idea for your organization to explore is branded facemasks. If your employees are wearing masks while they're at work, giving them some branded masks can help to give everyone a consistent and unified appearance. There are all sorts of designs that you can consider and then discuss with your printing service — everything from plain masks that feature your logo in the corner to colorful designs that offer words of encouragement.

Employee Shirts

Many companies give their employees shirts that convey positive messages during these challenging times. Depending on the type of business that you're in, this may be something that you wish to explore. For example, if you operate a small eatery, having your staff wear T-shirts or hoodies that share messages of positivity may bring smiles to the faces of your staff and customers alike. Simple sentiments that convey the mindset that everyone in this together can be ideas to explore for your custom-printed apparel. Contact a corporate printing company to learn more about your options.