Tips To Help Extend The Lifespan Of The Copy Machine In Your Office

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Most offices have one or more copy machines, and they are often used on a daily basis. A high quality commercial copy machine is an investment, so it makes sense for a company to want their copy machines to last. While all copy machines will eventually fail and need to be replaced, there are some easy things that can be done to help extend the lifespan of a copy machine in a busy office. Use the following tips to make sure that the commercial copy machine in your office lasts for as many years as possible.

Place the Copy Machine in the Right Spot

When your office gets a new copy machine, it is important to place it in the right spot. You should make it a point to keep the copy machine away from windows, since continual exposure to the sun and heat can damage components. It is also wise to make sure that that the copy machine is placed in an area where the temperature is stable. Don't make the mistake of placing the copy machine right under a vent, since the temperature change when running the air conditioner or heater can cause issues.

Stay on Top of Replacing the Ink and Toner

Today's copy machines usually have an indicator that will light up when the ink or toner in the machine is getting old. While it may be tempting to use up every last drop of ink and toner, it is not recommended. As soon as the copy machine indicates that either the ink level or toner level is low, make it a point to replace the ink or toner promptly. If you continually fail to replace the ink or toner when levels are low, components inside the copy machine can wear out, and eventually the drum will become damaged, which can be quite costly to repair.

Keep the Copy Machine Clean

One of the keys to a long lasting copy machine is keeping it clean. If a copy machine is not cleaned regularly, dirt, dust, and debris can build up and get inside the machine, causing a number of issues with the internal components. Before cleaning the copy machine, make sure that it is powered off and unplugged. Then use a mixture of water and alcohol to wipe down the machine with a lint-free cloth. Lastly, clean the glass and then vacuum out the paper drawers, toner receptacle, and bypass tray to ensure that all dirt and dust is removed.