Design Some Eye-Catching Flyers For Personal Or Professional Use

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What makes an eye-catching flyer that people will be likely to read? Well, that all depends upon an individual's personal preference, but there is one thing for certain. Flyers with print broken down into short paragraphs that are easy to scan, distinct colors and lettering, real photographs, and unique drawings will override a flyer that contains large blocks of text that are printed on plain paper.

What Is Your Overall Message?

Have you ever viewed poorly designed advertising that contained information that seemed to be unrelated to the main idea? Or have you viewed advertising that went in so many directions, causing you to be uncertain about what you were even looking at? Many, many people are pressed for time and don't have the patience to try to decipher a cryptic flyer. Doing so could cause frustration, resulting in a flyer being tossed into the trash. Write down the overall message that you would like to promote and use these words as the main design for your flyers. 

Whether you are holding a sale for a limited time, are offering a new line of products, or are going to be hosting a free community event, your message needs to encompass the main gist of the activity that is being promoted so that you do not lose your audience.

How Can You Add Appeal And Professionalism?

If you own a business, you may be accustomed to using two or more colors for your product's packaging and signage. If you use these same hues for the printing that is added to the flyers that you are ordering, people who read the printed papers will recognize the color pattern.

If you don't own a business and are going to be advertising for a yard sale, community fundraiser, or a non-profit event, choose a unique color combination that utilizes colors that complement one another and that are pleasing to the eye.

If you are going to be hanging the flyers in multiple locations and plan on distributing them to many people on a mailing list, standard printer paper will be a cost-efficient product. If the advertisements are going to be predominantly hung up at your business and you do not need many copies, choose a fancier paper style if you desire.

Also, matte or glossy printing will need to be selected. Matte flyer printing will have a flatter appearance, but vibrant or dark colors will stand out well. Glossy printing will have a shiny appearance and will be a good choice if you are adding detailed pictures to each printed copy.