Creative Signage Draws Attention To A Trade Show Booth

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An impressive booth built by a creative hand draws attention. A large booth may capture eyes, but does it genuinely reveal what a company promotes? If not, people pass by and continue on their way. With so many booths competing for people's attention, the responsibility for making the display box stand out falls on the shoulders of a well-crafted display sign. With the right combination of artistry and information, a display sign may stop people and get them inquiring.

A Sharp Look Captures and Motivates

An over-sized sign proudly displaying everything anyone would want to know about a business seems like a good idea. The sign spells out all the words in bold black and white lettering. Covering information isn't enough. The look of the wording and the signage must prove captivating. Otherwise, the sign comes off as dull. An aesthetically flat display won't motivate anyone. Several ways exist to make the sign more appealing and impacting:

  • Use Psychologically Appealing Colored Fonts: The right choice of font color could draw people in before they even read the words on the sign. Certain colors may deliver a subliminal effect. Think of how all the different shades of green influence people. Green shaded the color of animated cartoon money might help a finance service's display. Lush green rain forest-like colors would assist an environmental one.
  • Add a Mascot to the Sign: Letters and numbers can't do the job by themselves. They could benefit from a helping hand delivered by a mascot. Think of how well Uncle Pennybags improves the reading experience of what would otherwise be dull Monopoly board game cards. Imagine adding your own character to the signage by the booth. A unique and funny character pointing to the words may lead people's eyes right to them. A humorous character may place people in the mindset necessary to patronize the booth.
  • Tell a Connected Story with Banners: A multitude of signs need not be independent of one another. A left side vertical sign could convey a story continued on an overhead horizontal sign. The top sign leads into the right side concluding vertical sign. Visualize a diet program's connected signs revealing the weight loss journey of a successful client.

Creativity in any trade show booth signage may enhance promotional capabilities. Success does hinge on how professional-looking the signs are. Calling on professional trade show display printing services becomes a must when wishing for the best-looking signs.