Custom T-Shirts For Promotion Of Your Business Or Group

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Businesses are always looking for new ways to promote themselves and get the business name out in view where the public can see it. There are a lot of ways to do that but for small business sometimes simple things can be very effective. When you are just getting started you need to watch the budget closely and if you can give away promotional items and advertise at the same time, why not do it?

T-Shirts As Promotional Items

T-shirts make great promotional items, You can put your logo, slogan, and contact info on the shirt. The great thing is that if you have a nice design people will just about beg you for the shirt and wear it in places that people will see your logo and information first hand. If you can afford to give a few shirts away, the return on the investment can be really good. You can offer shirts for sale, give them away at events, or include one with an order of your product occasionally. Be careful that you do not commit to giving t-shirts too often or the financial impact may hurt you but when you can, it can be a great bang for the buck.

Designing Your T-Shirts

If you are comfortable putting the design for your shirt together, there are some companies that offer online editors where you can import logos and images to be used on the shirt. You lay it out, add text to the shirt, and submit the order so it can be printed for you. But what if you are not comfortable doing the design work on your own? Many companies have a t shirt designer on staff to help customers design or layout their shirts before they are printed. If you need help, be sure to ask for the help. That is why they are there and most of them are very talented artists in their own right.If you are not local to the company you are working with, you can often get the designer to send you proofs through email for approval before the t-shirts go to print.

Screen Printing Your T-Shirts

The screen printing process is done on printing machines more often than not these days but the process involves printing one color at a time and the order of those colors is important. The printer needs to know what color to print first so he can set the run properly. Once the designer and the printer have worked out all the colors and design out, the shirts get printed, dried, and packaged for shipment to you. All that is left is to hand them out and get the word out about your business.