3 Tips For Creating A Wedding Invitation

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Going to a printing service to have your wedding invitations made is an excellent idea. A printing service like Print Source will not only ensure that your invitation looks how you would like it to look, but they will also make sure that you get the number printed off that you need, in the time frame that you need.

When it comes to wedding invitations, it is so important that you get exactly what you want. However, determining how you want your wedding invitations to look can sometimes be difficult for you. This article will discuss 3 tips for creating a wedding invitation. 

Keep It Simple 

A wedding invitation is best if kept simple and straight forward. There is no need to include extra text or use a font that is difficult to read. Instead, choose a font that is elegant but readable, and include the basic information, such as your names, the dates, times, and addresses of the wedding and reception, and where you are registered. This is all of the information that matters to someone who is reading the invitation and would like to get you a gift and/or attend the wedding and reception. 

Focus On Pictures

When someone opens a wedding invitation, the first thing that they will look for is a picture of the couple. Because of this, and because you likely had your pictures professionally taken specifically for your wedding invitation, it is best to focus on the pictures. You can have one side of the invitation be a picture, and the other side can include all of the text. You could even include some small pictures on the text side if you'd like. This will allow those who receive your wedding invitation to recognize who you are right away, but it also allows you to show off one of your favorite pictures of you and your fiancĂ©. 

Choose A Complementary Color Scheme 

When choosing your wedding colors, it is important that you realize these colors will also likely be incorporated into your wedding invitation. This can help you to choose colors that will blend well together and will compliment each other. Also, by incorporating your wedding colors into the invitation, you can tie all of the aspects of your wedding together. Choosing your most contrasting wedding colors, such as blue and white or red and cream, can make for a great invitation because the blue or red font will really pop out in contrast to the white or the cream background.