Common Mistakes People Make When Ordering Custom Frames Online And How To Avoid Them

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If you have an unusually shaped photo or are looking to spice up your walls with a gorgeous frame, you might decide to order a custom picture frame online. This is an excellent way to get a decent price on a picture frame that suits your photo or artwork perfectly. However, because you can't physically see the frame or talk to the person who is making the frame and ask questions, it is easy for problems to occur. Here are some tips for making sure that you avoid these common online custom picture frame mistakes.

1. The Mat Border You Choose Isn't Large Enough

If you don't choose a large enough mat border, then you are going to risk having the glaze that's applied to the frame touch your artwork and cause it to drop in value or entirely ruin it. In order to avoid having this happen, make sure that the mat border that you choose is at least twice as wide as the size of the frame's edge. This will allow you to make sure that you keep your artwork or photo well out of harm's reach, as well as allow you to have an especially attractive mat border that is proportional with the frame itself. Even though this will increase the size of the frame that you might need, it will be worth it in the long run because your art will look better and you can feel secure knowing that it will not be damaged.

2. You Think That Acrylic Glass Isn't As Good

You might notice that the natural glass that's made out of sand is much more expensive than the acrylic glass, which is made out of plastic. You might be tempted to believe that the price difference marks a significant difference in quality. The truth is that acrylic glass is slightly easier to see through than regular glass, allowing your art to be viewed more easily. It is also not as prone to shattering, so in the unfortunate event that the frame falls off of your wall, you will be less likely to find shards jammed into your artwork. Go with the cheaper option in order to make framing more affordable and to better display and protect your artwork.

The only issue with acrylic glass is that it scratches more easily than regular glass, meaning that you need to clean it with a microfiber cloth, rather than a regular cloth or paper towel.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in custom picture frames.